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Deadlines.com: Protects small law firms and solo practitioners from the leading case of malpractice claims.

  • Powered by CompuLaw with technology trusted by over 70% of the nation’s largest law firms
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Deadlines.com uses CompuLaw’s date calculation engine and extensive court rules library. Since 1978, CompuLaw has earned a reputation for being the most accurate solution in rules based calendaring for mid-size and large law firms. Now the same reliable technology is available to smaller law firms and solo practitioners at a fraction of the cost.

With a highly intuitive web interface, flexible pricing and easy access to your critical deadlines, Deadlines.com offers you affordable malpractice prevention.

Protect your clients. Protect your firm. Enjoy peace of mind.

Are your courts covered?

Deadlines.com utilizes CompuLaw's library of court rules databases -- the most comprehensive in the legal industry. Our team of attorneys and rules monitoring specialists constantly check the rules for changes and publish hundreds of updates each year.

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