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What happens when rules change?

Deadlines.com's patented Change Notification Service (CNS) constantly checks each of your pending deadlines against changes in the court rules. When a rule change that affects any of your pending deadlines is found, you immediately receive an email…   More

Is Deadlines.com compatible for Apple/Mac users?

Deadlines.com is fully compatible with Safari®, Apple Computer’s® browser that is shipped with the Macintosh® and MacBook®. We have even seen Deadlines.com running on the iPhone®!

While there is no automatic synchronization program at this time, yo…   More

Can I receive reminders of my deadlines?

Yes! Deadlines.com offers email reminders, as well as reminders in Outlook if using the Deadlines.com Outlook Sync.

Email Reminders are set for 10 business days before each deadline at 8:00 A.M. This setting can be adjusted on the Email Preferen

…   More

Can I opt out of email reminders for a case?

Yes, you can turn off the email reminders of a case at any time. Simply go to My Deadlines and select Case List. Locate the name of the case in which you would like to turn off the reminders. Select the name of the case and under the Assigned Users t…   More

Can I change the jurisdiction of an existing case?

Yes, the jurisdiction can be changed while calculating deadlines. Simply go to Calculate Deadlines (My Deadlines: Calculate Deadlines) and select which case you would like to modify, which will take you to the Event selection page. To change the ju…   More

Can I change the date of a deadline?

Deadlines.com allows you to change the date of any of your deadlines by clicking the Edit link to the right of the deadline on the View Deadlines page. You will be given the opportunity to change the date, and Deadlines.com can recalculate all or so…   More

Can I exclude deadlines that do not pertain to a particular case?

Deadlines.com provides you with two options to exclude deadlines:

  • Grouped Exclusions. These groups, such as Service by Mail or Medical Malpractice, appear under the Exclusions tab on the Case Detail page.
  • Individual Exclusions. Click the exclude b
…   More

Can I add notes to my deadlines?

Yes, you can add your own notes before and/or after the description we provide. Simply click the Edit link next to the deadline (from either the Results page or the View Deadlines page) and select the User Notes option where you can enter and save y…   More

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