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Does Deadlines.com offer training?

Yes, Deadlines.com offers free training for our users which can help with some of the more advanced features of the site. Click here to schedule an online demonstration with one of our specialized trainers.…   More

How are deadlines calculated?

Powered by Aderant CompuLaw, Deadlines.com utilizes the same technology that is trusted by over 70% of the top 100 firms in the country. CompuLaw’s patented date calculation engine uses court rules in the selected jurisdiction(s) to retrieve the app…   More

What happens when rules change?

Deadlines.com's patented Change Notification Service (CNS) constantly checks each of your pending deadlines against changes in the court rules. When a rule change that affects any of your pending deadlines is found, you immediately receive an email…   More

Is Deadlines.com compatible for Apple/Mac users?

Deadlines.com is fully compatible with Safari®, Apple Computer’s® browser that is shipped with the Macintosh® and MacBook®. We have even seen Deadlines.com running on the iPhone®!

While there is no automatic synchronization program at this time, yo…   More

How do I import the ICS/iCalendar file into my Calendar?

From the View Deadlines page (or the results page), you can download an iCalendar file that can be imported into many different calendar programs. If downloading from View Deadlines, simply set the filters on the page for the deadlines you'd like to…   More

Is Outlook (version1. compatible with Deadlines.com AutoSync?

Microsoft recently published a new version of Outlook ( ) that breaks existing integrations with many applications, including Deadlines.com. Like other affected software vendors, we are evaluating potential solutions to continue to pr…   More

Can I receive reminders of my deadlines?

Yes! Deadlines.com offers email reminders, as well as reminders in Outlook if using the Deadlines.com Outlook Sync.

Email Reminders are set for 10 business days before each deadline at 8:00 A.M. This setting can be adjusted on the Email Preferen

…   More

Can I opt out of email reminders for a case?

Yes, you can turn off the email reminders of a case at any time. Simply go to My Deadlines and select Case List. Locate the name of the case in which you would like to turn off the reminders. Select the name of the case and under the Assigned Users t…   More

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