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Can I change the jurisdiction of an existing case?

Yes, the jurisdiction can be changed while calculating deadlines. Simply go to Calculate Deadlines (My Deadlines: Calculate Deadlines) and select which case you would like to modify, which will take you to the Event selection page. To change the ju…   More

Can I change the date of a deadline?

Deadlines.com allows you to change the date of any of your deadlines by clicking the Edit link to the right of the deadline on the View Deadlines page. You will be given the opportunity to change the date, and Deadlines.com can recalculate all or so…   More

Can I exclude deadlines that do not pertain to a particular case?

Deadlines.com provides you with two options to exclude deadlines:

  • Grouped Exclusions. These groups, such as Service by Mail or Medical Malpractice, appear under the Exclusions tab on the Case Detail page.
  • Individual Exclusions. Click the exclude b
…   More

Can I add notes to my deadlines?

Yes, you can add your own notes before and/or after the description we provide. Simply click the Edit link next to the deadline (from either the Results page or the View Deadlines page) and select the User Notes option where you can enter and save y…   More

How can I add users to my account?

Deadlines.com's account structure allows you to add any number of users to your account free of charge. Adding users will allow you to assign them to the cases, enabling them to sync case deadlines to their Outlook Calendar and receive email reminde…   More

What does it mean to be assigned to a case?

Users will see the deadlines for the cases they are assigned on their dashboard page and view deadlines page. They will also have the option of syncing their case deadlines and receiving email reminders, accessible via the case detail page. *Admins…   More

What are the Outlook sync system requirements?

To use the Outlook Sync product, Microsoft Outlook must be locally installed on your PC. You must be running Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise editions. Your workstation must be running Microsoft Outlook 2013 or later.

If you have questions, ple…   More

How can deadlines be synced into my Outlook calendar?

You will need to first set up your Outlook Sync Options. Navigate to My Account: Outlook Sync Options. Once you have saved your preferences, you can download the automatic sync application, listed under My Calendars: Sync with Outlook. Click on the D…   More

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