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Does Deadlines.com prorate charges to a case opened mid/end of the month?

Due to our simplified pricing structure, we do not prorate charges for a case.…   More

Can I close a case at any time?

Yes, you can close or open a case at any time by going to My Deadlines: Case List and clicking on the "Closed" check box.

If all deadlines on a case have been completed and they no longer need to appear on the calendar, the case should be closed by…   More

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time by closing out of any opened cases on your account. You can close a case by going to My Deadlines: Case List and clicking on the “Closed” check box.

If there were any cases opened in that month, you will…   More

Does Deadlines.com offer training?

Yes, Deadlines.com offers free monthly training webinars for our users which can help with some of the more advanced features of the site. Click here to see when our next training webinar will be held, or Contact Us if you'd like to arrange a diff…   More

How are deadlines calculated?

Powered by Aderant CompuLaw, Deadlines.com utilizes the same technology that is trusted by over 70% of the top 100 firms in the country. CompuLaw’s patented date calculation engine uses court rules in the selected jurisdiction(s) to retrieve the app…   More

How do I import the ICS/iCalendar file into my Calendar?

From the View Deadlines page (or the results page), you can download an iCalendar file that can be imported into many different calendar programs. If downloading from View Deadlines, simply set the filters on the page for the deadlines you'd like to…   More

Do I need to depend on the automatic scheduler for deadlines to be synced into my calendar?

No, you may sync your deadlines into your calendar at any time without having to wait on the AutoSync scheduler to run on the next scheduled frequency. AutoSync must be installed on your computer to sync deadlines into your calendar. AutoSync can be…   More

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